Our Service Offering

Permanent- Exclusive Search

This service allows both parties to truly partner throughout the entire process. TalentHub ensure there is clear understanding of the clients exact needs and requirements

What this involves:

  • We design a process that ensures wide market coverage
  • You get a tailored headhunting strategy, with a complete market map and insights report
  • We provide targeted ad campaigns, with weekly reports and updates
  • 80% Conversion Rate


Permanent- Retained Search 

This allows TalentHub to create a partnership from the start of our working relationship.

What this involves:
  • We provide significant initial research using our market maps and intelligence, allowing us to pinpoint the relevant talent
  • We use our refined networking and headhunting techniques to create the best possible shortlist for clients, delivering that top 10 percentile professional that the employer requires
  • 90% Conversion Rate


Permanent- Contingent Search 

TalentHub’s consultants are highly networked individuals with first-class market knowledge.

We work with client companies to find suitable candidates by matching a candidate’s qualifications and skills with the company’s requirements.

Whilst our own proprietary database will provide pre-qualified and active talent, we also have access to a wide network of passive candidates.



Contracting Solutions

This is a solution that is increasing at an exponential rate, as the world (and how employees deliver their work) changes and requires a flexible option.

Our contracting solutions solve our clients’ needs under circumstances such as overcoming headcount issues, expansion of business or function, project or implementation of systems – not to mention major occurrences such as Covid-19.

Contracting is a solution that has proven to be highly cost-effective, flexible and reduces administration for employers, and we have the processes and governance in place to ensure this solution works perfectly for our clients.


Temporary Solutions

Temporary work, or agency work, is generally categorised as short-term interim opportunities that are for a specific purpose and organised through an agency.

What this involves:

  • The full administration process (wages, tax liabilities, etc) is managed by recruitment agencies and seasoned Temporary candidates are generally placed in a variety of opportunities based on skillset and availability.